Daisy seduces her tutor and pays him in her own way

Daisy Monroe
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05m 46s 5,788 May 06, 2020 cumshot, sex, pussy, hardcore, boobs, blonde, pornstar, ass, blowjob, bigtits, puba

Blonde cutie Daisy Stone got her hair done and her toned pussy throbbed right before her teacher put the price tag on her pussy. That's when her naivete led her into a dangerous situation. her poor little self.first she has to get out of her uniform to get her teacher to let her use the restroom. And there was no teacher there to let her use the one else was going to help her get out of there, so Daisy was fed up. After a while she did finally find an older dude and she had a go with him. An older man who had heard her moan with pleasure.he could not contain himself.and then he fucked the hell out of her like a pro!

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