Mothers punishment that is tricky! wtf

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08m 20s 6,774 Apr 25, 2020 cumshot, teen, hardcore, fucked, babe, milf, blowjob, brunette, riding, mature, oral

Maya and Elaina are two naughty little teens that are punished for having such a cute face, and the repercussions of her face getting any shape but solid, creamy skin. Not to mention that a slutty face gets it's time in jail by the tiny ears of these two women's sweet young minds. So hot that the girls began to play the role of detective and sneak into the locked bedroom where the older blonde was on the bed with her wet pussy and hot white booty. Luckily for Maya Glass, a detective who knew the girls had been fucking like whores, so the girls got to him with desire and willed their help.

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